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Any service- any location- any terminal- total freedom of communication

Mobile IP Centrex converges the best parts of Fixed and Mobile telephony. Lower cost, rich features and comfortability combined with mobility and availability.

Telegrupp AS, the developer of the MobileIPCentrex has launched the MobileIPCentrex services with Telia (Estonia), Elisa - two biggest operators in Estonia. Using our developed scalable IP softswitch for delivering High-End telephony services like Call Center, IVR, Call Recording, e-fax, Web-based control interface (including Busy-Lamp-Field BLF) to any desktop IP phone, PC, Tablet (Ipad), smartphone (Iphone, Android) or mobile. 

When typically softwitches are very expensive proprietary technology and difficult to implement and deploy, Telegrupp softswitch is built around open source platform. Single open source voice server is not reliable, but if there are many of them- the system is much more reliable than single large proprietary telecom grade softswitch. Our solution uses many small Asterisk softswitches with external database with Telegrupp field proven Load Balancing, Provisoning and Selfcare servers on top.  To increase the capacity one only has to plug in new low cost server. If some servers stop working- others take the control. Very easy and bomb-proof concept.  

Fixed-Mobile-Convergence (FMC) is more than just a single bill. It means converged Mobile and IP networks from the enduser perspective. It is total terminal, number and services portability. All services are accessable from any terminal, using browser as the control interface. In Telegrupp solution the control and communications channels logically connected and physically separated.

More information:      phone: +372 683 1562


New MobileIPCentrex version deployed 1.0.23 (03.11.2010)

Fax and Call center services renewed

Software updated!

Software update at 10.02 succeeded, and we are running new features and less bugs now. 

Upcoming software update

MobileIPCentrex software will be updated on 09.02.2010 10pm

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