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- How it works

IPDialer sends https or http request to the softswitch, softclient or softphone.

- I have installed IPDialer and I also have Skype installed in my PC. Why IPDialer does not dial names to Skype, but will be closed instead?

It is not a bug, It is security issue. Please type to your browser address line "callto:doesitreallywork" and accept launcing external applications in the appearing window.

- I am everyday user of MobileIPCentrex with Swissvoice IP10s MGCP softphone. I can not call to international numbers in the following format: +33.... When I dial 00 instead of +, it works.

IPDialer can change + to the international call prefix. You should just insert prefix, applicable in your country to the IPDialer configuration window as follows:

- In case of MobileIPCentrex and Cirpack services, what should be the field of  "From" number.

In the case of MobileIPCentrex, please use number in international format 00+country code+your number. In case of other Cirpack-Thomson installations it is country specific. Ask your service provider.

-Does it work with softclient, launched in my PC?

Yes it does. It first dials your softclient in PC, click to answer the call, and then the other party will ring.

- What does this error message means?

You should set Windows Explorer to Online mode from the File / Work Offline and then restart the program.

Why the message "Error-No selection" appears?

Some applications like Mozilla Firefox and Thunderbird and many others have special meanings for Function keys F1-F12. To solve this problem, use other combinations for Hotkeys. For example Ctrl+D should be working well.

Why are numbers in parentheses removed?

If you wish to use the IPdialer with CRM (Siebel) and eyebeam, in some countries the problem may arise. When a number has this format (xxx) xxx-xxxx ipdialer strips out the (xxx) portion of the number. In Siebel settings the parentheses () can not removed from the number. Numbers within parentheses are considered to be "local escape code", not needed in case of International format (in some countries). Unfortunately this is hard coded to the IPDialer and will be removed automatically. Parenthesis removal may become user selectable in future releases of the IPDialer.

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