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TAPI compliant (in future release), IPDialer for Click-to-dial (C2D) applications in IP telephony. Works with Vonage, Cirpack (Thomson Telecom), Snom, Skype, Eyebeam, X-Lite, MobileIPCentrex etc. for VoIP telephony. The perfect CTI (Computer Telephony Integration) agent, using Clipboard to dial the number from any application.

You can click on the number to be dialed on your PC in any Windows application to switch your phone to handsfree and to send the number. No need to enter digits manually. When used in with softphone like Skype, Eyebeam and X-Lite, application will launch the corresponding softphone and send the number or username to the softphone.
Dialing from the PC works in any application like Outlook, Lotus Notes, Outlook Express, Word, Excel, Windows Internet Explorer, Notepad, Mozilla, Firefox. It also dials the numbers from the CMR and ERP systems like SAP, Axapta, Navision, Siebel, HansaWorld, Oracle Financials etc. 

For dialing any number you just need to select and highlight the number to be dialled from any application and press the Hotkey. Application removes automatically all the spaces, commas, dots and parenthesis from the highlighted number and sends this to the application server or phone wich will initiate the call.

Click HERE for secure download and pricing.  IPdialler Version info

IPDialer is free from Spyware/Adware.

How to use- User instructions- Help

First you must have service or corresponding IP Phone to be able to use IpDialer. It is tested with some SNOM, Vonage, Thomson-Cirpack, and MobileIPCentrex Click2Dial services. With Skype, it requires Skype to be installed in your PC. 

Configuration instructions:

All previous versions of IPdialer must be removed manually before installation of the new version.

Please configure the IPDialer after installation to use proper service. 
After installation, the configuration window opens: Then the following window will be opened:

For SNOM phones you need to know your phone IP address. Contact your network administrator.

For other services, please contact your service provider to get the login details and IP addresses.

Maximum length of internal number is used to distinguish between short numbers and public phone numbers. Outside line access code will be added only to the numbers, longer than internal number length.

If you have other questions about the IPDialer, please check our Questions and Answers section here.

For registering the product right-click on the yellow telephone on your system tray and choose register.

You can obtain registration code by purchasing licence from our web shop or by contacting us at

Other VoIP services

You can enter manually the URL to be sent to the Softphone, C2D server or IP phone.

Works with



Snom 200, Snom 300, Snom 360




GSMduo (using Snom, X-Lite or EyeBeam phones):


3CX pbx and all attached phones.

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